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First Posty of a Long Time Blogger

I like food. I’ve actually met people that don’t really care much about food other than to eat it. But I like to know all about food. I’ve been on this exploratory mission now for about twenty years or so.

Blogging is one of those things that I “thought about” doing and never really did. I’ve kept an online journal but that was for friends only. This is serious stuff. Not really…

Why Pistachio House?

I live in a pistachio green house that we call Pistachio House.  I play in the kitchen. I talk to people online when I play in the kitchen. When it came time to finally create a FOOD blog that my friends have been urging me to do now for oh… a few years… Pistachio House was what came to mind. It’s about food and me and Jason, my dearest friend who lives so far away.

Pistachio House is a fun place and a bit nutty.


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