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The Flight of Hamwings by Ursula

To begin with, I don’t believe in resolutions. I believe in action. Resolutions seem to move one towards action but they end up in a pile of good intentions. Actions of resolve, whether dictated by the turning of the earth to a “new year” or by one’s own clock are provoked by need.

One leap into the sky with nobody to tell me I can’t do it.

One steps off the curb, so to speak, to get to the other side of the street. Resolve is spurred on by desire…

Last year was hard. Really, not so fun for a good portion of it. It got better and better as the year went on but as many were hard hit by the economic gastrointestinal glurg, so too were we at Pistachio House West. However, by year’s end there was good stuff — a wedding, an engagement, a job, a roof on the outbuilding, and a new business which I’m seriously stoked about— in the accomplished pile. Accomplishments which were brought on by need and desire and resolve.

I debated for a bit, should I blog about resolutions for 2011? Is it a list? Meh, who cares? That would be how the year went or would go. Making a list makes you accountable and so here goes…

Francine’s 2011 – The Year of Forging Ahead

  • Being Positive is always hard for the sarcastic and often misunderstood as negativity. I’m going to strive towards more obvious positivity this year.
  • Feisty Gals Coffee, the new business, needs to have a location for customers to come and hang out.
  • Lace knitting – This is my year to master (or at least not be afraid of) lace knitting. The goal is to make two lace shawls. One by my niece’s wedding (for me to wear) and one by December 25.
  • Sock knitting – I love knitted socks. They’re so easy to do, but yet I never seem to finish a pair in less than six months. Goal: At least one pair a month for the next 12 months. Leggings count.
  • One sweater and one vest knitted or crocheted this year.
  • Writing – I always feel better when I write. The goal is to post up and article on Pistachio House at least once a week and have 52 posts by December 31.
  • Healthy Stuff:
    1. Lose 25 pounds by June and get to proper weight by November. Goal: Achieve size 8 again.
    2. Walk and or exercise 4x a week. 1/2 hour walk. 3000 steps a day. (wear the pedometer)
  • Read or listen to fifty books and this can include cookbooks.
  • Spin (fiber) one day a week
  • Pay off all bills on time and pay ahead on heat/electricity
  • Remember birthdays and send a card for everyone. Even if it is an online card, I know I love getting them.
  • Parties for each Friday the 13th (May)
  • Go hiking and camping with Thom. Spending time alone with my honey is a super important desire this year.
  • Go to New England in the Autumn with Thom.
  • Midwest Trip with Thom to see the Fambdambly cause they’re a hoot!
  • By hook or by crook, get to Rhinebeck or Maryland Sheep.
  • Go see Mom.

That last one is a doozy. It involves going home to NY which is not my favorite plane ride. I’m claustrophobic… It’s not pretty. I’m hoping to do that and a few other things in the process such as see my childhood friend, SquidInk; go to Rhinebeck or Maryland Sheep; and do New England in the Fall with Husband. I think he’d like Vermont. I figure squishing a bunch of desires in with the needs will provide the impetus to get ‘er done.

Pictured is the amazing artwork of the wacky UrsulaV of Red Wombat Studio. Check out her site for some inspiring and fun art.

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