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I’m not normally one of those make-a-resolution people, because I know myself, and I know I rarely even pay attention to goals I’ve set in my personal life. I live from moment-to-moment, which is odd for someone in a career full of planning and reflection (K-12 education). I am happy to see 2010 recede into the distance. Seriously, it was not a good year for us here at Pistachio House East.  The economy and my health were the focal points of it all.  I managed to finish 52 weeks of immunotherapy for a digestive disorder and instead of losing weight like most people do on drug chemotherapy, I gained weight–lots of it.  As  I ballooned, so did the amount of money I owe to corporate America.  The year ended with my health being all quiet on the home front (we find out next month if I will have to do another 52 weeks) and with a chunk of bills paid off.  I paid them off thanks to an additional job responsibility at work which cost me my yearly visit to Pistachio House West but grossed an additional chunk of change in my pocket.  I guess it was a good thing after all.

That being said, I am apprehensive about the upcoming year, which may be full of changes.

Change, I have learned in my professional training, is a process, is deeply personal, and takes time. It’s my job to bring about change through cognitive mediation, and yet, I can’t mediate my own thinking. What’s up with that?

Jason’s 2011:

  • Keep my head above water with bills, paying off what I can with the extra money I get from time to time.
  • Convert about 15-20 lbs of fat into muscle without going to the gym, because that costs money.
  • Don’t freak out (as much as in the past) at the impending change in position at work.  Go with the flow.
  • Visit places I’ve never visited before on other people’s dime (read: consultancy, conferences, etc)
  • Write one blog post here per week and create a bit of Tesla storyline with someone once per week.
  • Be home before dark.

Edit: I lost my position for the fall and have to re-apply and re-interview because funding was lost for 8 positions.  I’m not taking it well, and the flow has passed me and I’m not going with it.  Change.  Sigh.

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