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Spring Chopped Salad

  I don’t really have a story behind this salad.  In a farm town, salads are iceberg lettuce and thousand island dressing and have croutons, shredded cheese and those mysterious and hard bacon bit things on them–definitely not healthy.  Sometimes they have hunks of leftover ham from Sunday dinner thrown in.  Unhealthy, but now palatable. […]

Spring + Summer = Healing

Never discount the power of music to help heal.  My life has been busy as a blur lately, and despite spending an exorbitant amount of time in the car these past few weeks, my radio rarely shifts from CNN, meaning I’d missed the fall release of the new Rascal Flatts album.  I cruised on over […]

Chocolate Pie and Remembrance

The purpose of my writing this blog is to share with you all how we do food in the south, using my experiences growing up as a contrast to Francine’s urban homesteading take on things. We’ve taken a bit of a break as Francine has a new consultant position where she is able to put […]

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