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Spring + Summer = Healing

Photo: Jason Osborne

Never discount the power of music to help heal.  My life has been busy as a blur lately, and despite spending an exorbitant amount of time in the car these past few weeks, my radio rarely shifts from CNN, meaning I’d missed the fall release of the new Rascal Flatts album.  I cruised on over to iTunes and grabbed a copy for $9.99 and had a laugh remembering when CDs were first introduced and they were $14.99 and up.

The song, “Red Camaro,” in particular lifted my spirits because it’s about the start of summer and the remembering of good times had in summers past.  The photo here is from a cruise I took a few years ago–you know the deal: the ship stops at the little island the company owns and dumps you off to have burned hot dogs and overpriced drinks and plastic toys that say Bahamas but were really made in China.

I skipped the conga line and stole around to the “worker” side of the island where they live and found this spot that they’d put together for their own downtime.  If only I could recreate this umbrella over the hammock in my backyard.  I think I will be okay.  It’ll just take a summer to come and go…


Turn up the music loud
Take the T-tops out
And let the chrome shine, cruise along the river side
Feel the wind blow
Through your hair, through your toes
Got your bare feet hanging out the window…

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