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Easy Gumbo

Easy Gumbo with White Rice I know this isn’t a summer dish.  It’s hot outside.  Who in their right mind would want this on a hot summer night?  Well, I did.  See, I’m very ADHD and sometimes when I’m watching one of the talking heads on TV cooking something, I have the urge to immediately […]

Ham & Bits Quiche

  I don’t have much of a story behind quiche.  I never ate any growing up.  The closest we got to eggs and a pie crust was a custard-based pie.  It’s not really something redneck southern people eat.  My mom would often make the comment, “You eat some strange $@%# lately, you know that?”  I’m […]

Butter Cake Squares

It’s funny how culinary ideas inspire me.  I attended a baby shower last week and I noticed the hosts had used the local big box supermarket bakery for the cake–you know the kind, with pudding in the batter, dense, and with an oily frosting.  My mind wandered to my mom’s hobby.  Well, actually, first hobby. […]

Pickled Okra

I haven’t lived “at home” for over ten years. I think it took all this struggle lately for me to reconnect with most of the food I grew up eating. Sure, I’ve plied the culinary waters of Rome, standing over Francine making her sugo and Randy Swofford’s Cranberry Beef and pans of focaccia bread, and […]

Nana Puddin’ Part I

We didn’t have an Easter this year.  With mom no longer with us, and me trying to catch up with work, I stayed at my home and Dad stayed at his.  No Easter means no banana pudding, and that just won’t do.  It’s spring, and here at the coast we’re being drowned in Spanish Moss, […]

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