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Butter Beans and Rice

Ah, the butter bean.  Strange blue creature from my neck of the woods.  Wait, blue?  Yes.  What we in the south call “butter beans” (phaseolus lunatus) are actually a variant of the lima bean (phaseolus limensis).  Francine did a lovely cassoulet with lima beans last winter and it reminded me of the chest freezer full […]

Summer Mornings

It’s hot.  The heat index is over 105 all week.  It was around 115 last week.  It’s not called the “steamy south” for nothing–and we’re not even into mid-July yet.  Because it’s so hot, people are up early going about their business.  Scores of walkers and joggers traverse the sidewalk in front of my house, […]

Not Ya Momma’s Tater Salad

  Wanna know why I didn’t call this German Potato Salad?  I’ve been to Germany, and I didn’t have any potato salad there.  Although, I do know that they have it there–it’s vinegar-based and doesn’t have any mayonnaise in it, unless you’re in Berlin.  I was in Frankfurt, which is in the southern part of […]

Cooking 101: Bechamel (aka Mac ‘N Cheese)

Welcome to the first of a new series of posts relating to the basic techniques and basic recipes that will help you create more complex dishes. Francine has a wealth of experience with the techniques involved in bread baking, sauce making, and the intricacies of all things dough. My experiences are a bit more shallow, […]

There and back again

Humble reader, I am so very grateful to Jason for continuing to keep the pistons of Pistachio House pumping along over the past several months. Where have I been? Hooboy! Working. Feisty Gals Coffee is now in the trusted hands of my dear friend Mel who has a powerful get-things-done attitude and has found a […]

But I don’t want pie…

But I don’t WANT to make a pie… too much effort! It’s too hot! Every excuse is available but the fruits of the summer are upon us and it is time to get our kitchens humming. Yep, it’s rhubarb and strawberry time here at Pistachio House Northwest, finally! The sun is coming out, the weather […]

Oven BBQ Pork Ribs

I came in to pork ribs late in life.  I remember avoiding them growing up when my father would pull out the grill.  He always grilled chicken leg quarters and basted them with the hottest vinegar and pepper sauce I’ve ever tasted.  Mom and I would chow down on that while he savored an entire […]

Strawberry Pie

After corn, the next sign of summer’s bountiful harvest is when the U-Pick strawberry fields open for business.  These acres of low bushes are spotted in rural communities across the south and you can get ripe berries for not much more than $5 for a 3-4 pints.  Try finding that in the grocery store.  Plus, […]

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