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Summer Mornings

Rosemary and my chair that looks into the Spanish moss dripping from the Laurel Oak.

It’s hot.  The heat index is over 105 all week.  It was around 115 last week.  It’s not called the “steamy south” for nothing–and we’re not even into mid-July yet.  Because it’s so hot, people are up early going about their business.  Scores of walkers and joggers traverse the sidewalk in front of my house, the painters were here at 6:45 this morning to begin work, and the lovely carpenter’s reciprocating saw reverberated through my house as he cut my bedroom windowsill out from the outside–while I was in bed.  Okay, I knew the landlord was having repairs done to the house, but not this.  I’m awake, I thought, and much earlier then normal.

I’m a teacher, and I live on a frenzied 6:30 am -6:00 pm schedule four days a week for the majority of the year.  It’s summer, let me sleep late, turn back into a night owl.  It’s early! I can’t handle it…wait.  It was actually calm at that hour.  So, I got up and wandered around my yard and discovered all sorts of things in the quiet.  Well, semi-quiet–once the reciprocating saw stopped.  So I made a little quiet note to myself to get up early more often and stop to soak in my surroundings, because before long, I’ll be back at the grind.


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