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Fried Cherry Pies

It’s like a scene from an old movie about the south – a grandfather and a little boy walking out of a gas station with an RC Cola and a MoonPie, getting into a 57 Chevy and taking to the road.  It happened like that for me, but with different vittles.  Yes, I said vittles, […]

Fried Green ‘Maters

When I hear “Fried Green Tomatoes” I immediately think of the eponymous book by Fannie Flagg and the movie it was made into.  It wasn’t something we had growing up, because we raised our tomato flock (yes, flock) to be eaten red or canned.  It wasn’t until I branched away from home that I actually […]

In defense of bread and butter (butterbrot)

Butter on bread or butterbrot is a simple sandwich base.

Cooking 101 – Home Canning using a Water Bath (Tomatoes)

✩ Here’s the third installment of the Cooking 101 series – Water Bath Canning.  This method is the traditional way of preserving high-acid foods such as fruits, jams, jellies, pickles, butters and acidified tomatoes, which is what we’re doing today.  I won’t go near pressure canners, because I enjoy how pretty my face is and […]

Pistachio House Podcast – Episode 2.5 – Tow-Maters and The Big Scrape

After Jason spent the weekend with Big Boys and Francine with a large machine and 12 pounds of tri-tip, we got together to talk about tomatoes eating them fresh and home canning, thrift store shopping, vacuum packing, the Big Scrape 2011 (landscaping), the BEST gloves for everything ever, bar-b-que, salt, and Jason’s cats. There’s an […]

Easy Peach Cobbler

July is halfway over, and that means Prunus Persica are everywhere. I live in the Palmetto State, which is a total misnomer. Yes, we have lots of Palmetto trees–and don’t you dare call them palm trees–you find those tall things out in California or on a beach in Hawaii. A more proper name might be […]

Pistachio House Podcast – Episode 2 – Pickin’ Tow-Maters!

On my trip home this weekend to take my dad for his doctor visits, we chose a visit to the local farm – Sheep Island Farms, run by the McKenzie family for some tomato picking in preparation for our annual canning tradition.  Here’s a quick peek at next week’s audio podcast which will be Episode […]

Pistachio House Podcast – Episode 1 – Dueling Rice Bowls

Our first podcast! This one’s called Dueling Rice Bowls where we talk about Lowcountry Red Rice and Spanish Rice and share our recipes. We, that is, Francine (the sniffly one) and Jason (with the charming drawl) also talk a little about the origins of the Lowcountry recipe and the indigenous people, the Gullah, of the […]

Pasta Fazool (with apologies to my Napoletana family)

Pasta Fazool is a humble and modest one-dish dinner that with simple ingredients makes a complex deep flavor. It catches you unaware and suddenly you’re in love, signore….

Cooking 101: How to Chop Vegetables (Lowcountry Red Rice)

I like knives. Some people collect shoes–I have friends with more than 300 pairs of shoes. I have 20. I have at least 10 knives–chef, santoku, boning, etc. A good knife is useless if you don’t know how to use it correctly. When I visit other folks who are doing cooking, especially ones who have […]

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