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Pistachio House Podcast – Episode 2.5 – Tow-Maters and The Big Scrape

Episode 2.5

Fried Green Tomatoes from the Southern Fried Boy


Show notes:

After Jason spent the weekend with Big Boys and Francine with a large machine and 10 pounds of tri-tip, we got together to talk about tomatoes eating them fresh and home canning, thrift store shopping, vacuum packing, the Big Scrape 2011 (landscaping), the BEST gloves for everything ever, bar-b-que, salt, and Jason’s cats. There’s an essay by Francine, too.

Links and other things:

Atlas 620 Vinylove: the amazing gloves
Pistachio House recipes with Tomatoes
Redmond Salt It’s a salt, it’s a mineral, it’s darn tasty.
The Spice and Tea Exchange 14 W. Broughton St. Savannah, GA 31401  912-790-1669
Czar Nicholas II Tea What Francine uses for her refreshing Minty Iced Tea (you’ll have to get/grow your own mint).
Park Seed Co. – “Celebrity” and “Better Boy” Tomato Seeds (incorrectly referred to as “Big Boy” in the show).

U-Pick Tomatoes:

Sheep Island Farm
1240 Sheep Island Road
Lake City, SC 29560-5235
(843) 659-2559


She Drives Me Crazy – Cover by Sharon Van Etten with Little Scream (non commercial non derivative attribution)
Feel Like Going Home – by What Katy Did Next from the collection “In the Garden”(Public Domain)

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