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Dome at the Dom/Romer U-Bahn station in Frankfurt - one of my favorite views

What an incredible month and a half it’s been!  In mid August, we suffered a worm attack from a hacker in Russia who found a way to exploit a bit of PHP code in a file that makes the cute little thumbnails in most WordPress themes.  Why did we fall victim to a well published security flaw?  Our lovely hosting company sat on the announcement and only after we noticed/complained/screamed that Pistachio House had been taken down did we uncover the truth.

We waited anxiously for instructions on how to repair our databases, and even coughed up the funds for a site restore from an automatic backup.  I’ve just gotten the time to actually research and dig into how PHP works and have now finally restored the database and here you have the site as it was on the day it fell victim to our broskis across the pond.

A lot has changed in six weeks.  A lot.

I’m back at work, full throttle into a very difficult position–starting up one instructional program and trying to wind another one that is very dear to me (International Baccalaureate) down.  I have mulled changing the direction in my life, moving, finding a new place to call home in an effort to follow this program somewhere else.  Time will tell if I make this jump or not.

Lots of family drama – my wonderful father has continued to be plagued with health issues following my mother’s passing and we’ve been holding his hand through days in the hospital.  He’s on the road to recovery, which is good.

My uncle planted a field of Dixie Lee crowder peas for me and there was great fun to be had in picking and running them through an old-fashioned rotary sheller.  No pictures, though, because we had no website at the time!

Francine?  She’s been in chicken land.  She and a friend have begun raising chicks for eggs and it’s a daily production to hear of what the chickens have been doing.  It’s Urban Homesteading at it’s finest.  Oh wait, we aren’t supposed to be calling it that.

Miss Pants moved back home and the Teach V to Cook series is still going strong.  There’s been lots of fiber going on in her life as well as the Year Without a Summer continues in the Pacific Northwest where they’ve broken out the fireplaces.  It’s 85 here still.  We’re sweating!

What have YOU been doing in our absence?  Comments are welcome.  Two posts should go up this week from me – both apple related as I had these in the works before the Russian invasion.

Let’s get cookin’ again!



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