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Whole30: Fifty Pounds of Grass Fed Beef

Oh my gosh! I’m so excited! If you could see me, you’d see a dancing maniac making room for fifty pounds of beef in her freezer. My amazing neighbors Katrina and Alma (you’ll meet them, I’m sure) and I sharing a half a cow. That’s what I said,  HALF  OF A COW.

Let me back up, this is where it gets interesting. Two years ago, when I was having yet another snot riddled morning, you know the kind right? The mornings where you wake up and everything is goo and you sneeze about eleventy times in a row? Yeah, those mornings are just lovely. And by lovely I mean torture. At one point, before I moved to Tacoma, I went several YEARS not being able to smell or taste my food.  My former residence was a moldy apartment  which wreaked havoc on my immune system. But I know that now. I didn’t know it then. I just thought that there was nothing for me to do about it but get allergy shots, which incidentally didn’t work so I gave up.  That led to mornings where I would take the Over The Counter Allergy Flavor of the Week and hope that I stayed awake at work or worse yet, wasn’t too loud or insane and end up pissing off  all of my co-workers.

So, back to Katrina… my neighbor.  I noticed Katrina had lost a lot of weight and her husband had as well. Not only that but they were looking fit, too. I asked her what she had done. “We cut dairy out of our diet.” I almost staggered. Dairy? Out of my diet? No Cheese? What planet was this woman on? But she went on, “Yeah, our allergies have all but gone away.”

Say what? No way. No how.  Ok, fine, I’ll try it.

A week later I was breathing in the morning and sleeping through the night. A month later I’d lots ten pounds and hadn’t changed anything else. Ten pounds that I had struggled to try to lose for years. Fast forward two years and I am full on paleocentric due to the influence of Katrina and another friend, Courtney, who turned me on to the Weston A. Price Foundation and their findings. Then Katrina spread the good word of Paleo to our neighbor Alma who is in the medical field. We are a triangle of paleo in our neighborhood. Add that to my gardens, cats, rabbit, and chickens and you can guess who’s the neighborhood crazy.

We will be sharing the joy of grass fed beef from Stewart’s Meats. Needless to say, I’ll be sharing my joys and experiences with this beef on the blog in the coming weeks. What timing, right? August Whole30 and grass fed goodness!


Me! Post Whole30 in April 2014 and feeling amazing and kind of sassy Copyright Francine Mastini 2014 All Rights Reserved.

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