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Whole30: We have beef!

Thanks to Stewart’s Meats and my fabulous neighbors Alma and Katrina, there’s now fifty pounds (ish) of healthy grass-fed beef in my freezer.

What FUN! Katrina buzzed me when she got back from picking up the meat and this is what I saw when I walked across the street!

150 pounds or so of grass fed beef in the three coolers at the back of Katrina's car.

150 pounds or so of grass fed beef in the three coolers at the back of Katrina’s car.

Synchronicity! Alma arrived home in her car at that very moment. So, we set about organizing our beef so as to split it evenly. I grabbed an extra cooler. It made it so much easier to divvie it all out.

We had such smiles on our faces. The cost per pound, because we had all gone in on the quarter cow, was reduced to under four dollars a pound. WOW! I mean seriously! That’s amazing to get the cost down that low. If we had a couple of more neighbors eating paleo (oh, we’re working on it), we could get a half cow and reduce the cost even more.

My share of the 1/4 cow!

My share of the 1/4 cow!


Why am I so excited about grass-fed beef?

Simple. Grass Fed beef has more nutritional value in it. More bang for the buck when it comes to being healthy, fit and energetic.

Not to mention that the beef is raised humanely, it is allowed to graze, and is not stuffed full of GMO laden grains to fatten it up. It’s four times higher in Vitamin E. It’s higher in Omega-3. It’s also high in CLA.

Meat (and dairy) that comes from grass-fed grazing animals is the highest known sources of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid). There is no alternative source that’s as nutritionally packed full of good fatty acid!

CLA? What’s that? Conjugated linoleic acid is the scientific name but what does that mean to you? Grass fed ruminant meat contains up to three to five times more CLA, an essential fatty acid. It is this fat that is known to be a potent defense against cancer. In a Finnish study, women who had a higher percentage of CLA in their diet had a 60% less risk of breast cancer. Just one serving per day of grass fed meat equals five times that amount of grain fed animal.

CLA is an essential fatty acid. Humans need to consume essential fatty acids because they promote cell membrane function, metabolize cholesterol and aid the body in synthesizing various metabolites. For those of us who no longer consume generic vegetable oils or soybeans, our CLA comes primarily from meat, like our ancient predecessors.

Omega-3 is found in certain nuts, seeds and seafoods as well as in pasture fed animals. When a ruminant is taken off of the omega-3 rich grass they’ve been grazing on, and are shipped to a feedlot to be fattened on grains which are have little to no nutritional resource for us, they begin to lose the store of this fat and therefore lose the benefits of it for the end consumer.

In grocery stores now you will see a lot of “grass fed” signs on mega-corp meat. Do your homework. They may have been grass fed at some point but they were likely shipped to a feedlot and “finished” on grains. The high price tag, then, is for a label that does nothing whatsoever for your health but can take a nice chomp out of your wallet.  Do yourself a favor, find a friend to go in on with for some meat. Check to see if any of the local Crossfit gyms have a regular supply of grass-fed beef arriving to their doors and check with your local food co-op to get the best quality meat.

Mmmm…. primal living in the neighborhood! Many thanks to Katrina for coming up with the idea and implementing it. Thank you Alma, too, for being a primal health minded neighbor!



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