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Review: Nutritionists say to avoid…

Garden and Coop - All rights reserved  © Francine Mastini

Garden and Coop – All rights reserved © Francine Mastini

This article was recently posted up on Facebook from It’s titled Foods Not to Eat: What Nutritionists Never Touch

Almost everything but the bacon makes sense. Don’t mess with my bacon, people! What I find disturbing about these lists is that they do not take into account REAL food. 
Here’s the list and it’s mostly a sensible list:

  • Sugary Beverages – Why only sugary beverages? What is worse? Sugary beverages or artificially sweetened ones? If you have no choice – choose that which has actual sugar and not High Fructose Corn Syrup. Otherwise,  you are controlling the sweet content yourself go with something more natural. Also, Agave? NO! Bad! Worse for the enviroment than strip mining.
  • Hot Dogs – Not always. I’m not sold — There are people that make them from scratch around here and they’re full of good meats. You can buy organic that do not contain entrails and rat feces.
  • Bacon – Only when full of nitrites and nasty stuff.
  • Artificial Sweeteners – Won’t get an argument from me. Avoid like death.
  • Soda and Diet Soda – Agreed, even TONIC water now has High Fructose Corn Syrup in it. Come on now! Tonic?
  • Crunchy Orange snacks– They single out the orange. Why only orange? Orange is the only crappy fast food snack? Just steer clear of the prepackaged crap full of canola oil and other machine extruded and manufactured food.
  • Cold Cereal with non-fat dairy – OK, this is where I go… whuu? This kind of blanket statement is poorly written.  These are two separate items to be avoided. T-W-O. Non-fat dairy is a stupid concept. Non-fat dairy removes every possible nutritional aspect of the dairy.  Get the whole milk, preferably raw. Again, this is manufactured food. Cold cereal can also be nutrient dense muselix and granola. Breakfast cereal is generally a no-no around Pistachio House. I can’t get the husband quite to buy in on this but I have hope.  He likes it and I get him non-GMO, no crap added cereals as a compromise. Small steps.
  • Maraschino Cherries – LOL! If you’re having them in booze, the cherries are the least of your problems.
  • Pepperoni – I buy the Applegate brand when I do make pizza for the fam. Most of the time, pepperoni is to be avoided. Look at the label.
  • GMO – Support your local farmer!!
  • Processed/canned meat and cheese – Sadly, the days of my Underwood Deviled Ham and Laughing Cow addiction are over.  Look at the label on your deli meats, too. A lot of the time these foods are full words you can’t pronounce. If you want lunch meat, make a roast and cut it up or even better. Try some of NomNomPaleo’s lunch box delights.

So that’s their list. It’s generally a decent one. Just remember, if you are eating real food, then you don’t need to worry about lists.

Meet your farmer, rancher butcher, fishmonger, and greengrocer. Shop at your local Food co-op.  Ask for what you need and want to see on the shelves.  Demand grass fed for animals you eat and organic for the fruits and vegetables. Be a partner in the process of bringing food food to the table.


Try it, it’s good!


I recently read some “helpful” comments which were screened. I laughed so hard I think I hurt myself. Thank you “Suzie”.

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