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Paleo-Ish Stuffed Peppers and Polpette!

Life has a funny way of not turning out the way you planned.  I was cruising along, enjoying life, and then it changed, suddenly.  I now find myself in a new house, with new people in my life both close and at arm’s length, and on the eve of being thirty-one years old, I find […]

A Riff on FoodBabe’s Almond Butter Brownies

I’m still here and still working on my semi-paleo pursuit.  I successfully navigated a trip last week to PDX to see Francine and remained a faithful GF.  I tend to gravitate toward Vani Hari’s FoodBabe blog for all things natural, so I knew she’d have some gluten-free desserts.  It’s hard when you want a nibble […]

Pan-Asian Beef and Cabbage

When last we talked, I had embarked upon a Paleo-pursuit, attempting to slim down from a gusty 150lbs and 16% body fat.  I fell off the wagon a bit in September, having allowed wheat, potatoes, and rice back into my diet. Then I finally manned up and had my sinus surgery and during my recovery […]

Mexican Casserole and the Paleo Pursuit

So, lately, I’ve been traveling a lot and eating…and eating.  I’ve gained a lot of weight and in my attempt to detox, cleanse, and slim down, I’ve started a bit of a modified paleo diet.  True primals eschew grains of any kind, legumes, and dairy.  Oh no, not me – give up beans, and cheese? […]

Of Portlandia and Making Francine Screech

Back at Christmas, Francine’s husband Thom had a marvelously devilish idea–a fiftieth birthday bash for her, seven weeks early and in another state.  Yes, it was that wacky and weird.  It was a fabulous almost-birthday, as we called it.  Mr. Pre-planner had checklists and things written on clipboards, and yes, I was enlisted to draw […]

Chocolate Cake with Brown Sugar Buttercream

There’s no story behind this one – I needed a dessert for a holiday get together and while tearing through the Cooking Light from November, I saw a Chocolate-Orange Layer Cake.  I’m not a fan of that combination, and having seen a dessert with brown sugar buttercream on a restaurant menu recently, I decided to […]

Cooking 101 – The Creaming Method (Italian Cream Cake)

The creaming method is the one we most often undertake when making baked goods. The other method brothers and sisters are biscuit and muffin. How much do we really understand what we’re doing and how to do it right so that our cakes and cookies turn out right? The typical recipe calls for creaming fat […]

German “Sweet” Chocolate Cake

Okay, it was Christmas, and my dad showed up at my door for our first big holiday without mom – what was the point in making the journey to his house where the trappings and decorations of the holidays aren’t?  I had the tree, the fireplace, the food, the gifts–he had nothing.  When he arrived, […]

Pasta with Sausage, Tomato, and Mushroom Sugo

I’m not the sugo maker, that’s Francine.  But sometimes I try.  The late fall and few days of winter we’ve had in the south have been warm.  A few days ago it was flip-flops and shorts as the high crested 75.  Then, we’re scheduled to have a few days of 50s with overnight lows in […]

Seattle, here I come! (+ Indian Lentil Soup)

Well, I took a vacation because I’d not done anything for myself since my mom died.  My dad had a bit of a hesitance when I said “I’m going to Seattle for a week!” because he doesn’t understand planes and hasn’t been on one.  He said he’d be praying that the plane would be fine […]

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