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A Riff on FoodBabe’s Almond Butter Brownies

I’m still here and still working on my semi-paleo pursuit.  I successfully navigated a trip last week to PDX to see Francine and remained a faithful GF.  I tend to gravitate toward Vani Hari’s FoodBabe blog for all things natural, so I knew she’d have some gluten-free desserts.  It’s hard when you want a nibble […]

Chocolate Cake with Brown Sugar Buttercream

There’s no story behind this one – I needed a dessert for a holiday get together and while tearing through the Cooking Light from November, I saw a Chocolate-Orange Layer Cake.  I’m not a fan of that combination, and having seen a dessert with brown sugar buttercream on a restaurant menu recently, I decided to […]

German “Sweet” Chocolate Cake

Okay, it was Christmas, and my dad showed up at my door for our first big holiday without mom – what was the point in making the journey to his house where the trappings and decorations of the holidays aren’t?  I had the tree, the fireplace, the food, the gifts–he had nothing.  When he arrived, […]

No Knead Wheat Bread

Inspired by the ease in which Francine seems to make bread, I’m venturing into the world of bread baking, guided by Peter Reinhart and his Bread Baker’s Apprentice book.  I originally made these loaves in late July for a relative’s visit from Europe and they languished in the queue until we had our little attack […]

Fried Pies Part II (Apple!)

  We’ve been having a fall weekend here in the coastal south – it was very refreshing to wake up to temperatures in the 60s and only have a high of 70 or so.  What a great change from the sweltering heat we’ve had all summer.  To me, fall is about college football, apple cider, […]

Fried Cherry Pies

It’s like a scene from an old movie about the south – a grandfather and a little boy walking out of a gas station with an RC Cola and a MoonPie, getting into a 57 Chevy and taking to the road.  It happened like that for me, but with different vittles.  Yes, I said vittles, […]

Butter Cake Squares

It’s funny how culinary ideas inspire me.  I attended a baby shower last week and I noticed the hosts had used the local big box supermarket bakery for the cake–you know the kind, with pudding in the batter, dense, and with an oily frosting.  My mind wandered to my mom’s hobby.  Well, actually, first hobby. […]

Chocolate Pie and Remembrance

The purpose of my writing this blog is to share with you all how we do food in the south, using my experiences growing up as a contrast to Francine’s urban homesteading take on things. We’ve taken a bit of a break as Francine has a new consultant position where she is able to put […]

Sour Cream Pound Cake

I’m going to get cut out of the will. I’m posting my grandmother’s claim-to-fame cake recipe. Not only am I posting it, I stole it. Yes–stole it from her while she wasn’t looking. See, the last time I went to visit, her recipe book was out on the counter and while she wasn’t looking, I […]

Nutty Puffs

Most people I know are divided when it comes to shortbread.  They either love it, or hate it.  I’m in between.  I don’t care much for shortbread but I do love this version of pecan shortbread, covered in powdered sugar and served at my family’s holiday table.  I don’t know where the name came from, […]

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