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Pistachio House Podcast – Episode 2.5 – Tow-Maters and The Big Scrape

After Jason spent the weekend with Big Boys and Francine with a large machine and 12 pounds of tri-tip, we got together to talk about tomatoes eating them fresh and home canning, thrift store shopping, vacuum packing, the Big Scrape 2011 (landscaping), the BEST gloves for everything ever, bar-b-que, salt, and Jason’s cats. There’s an […]

Oven BBQ Pork Ribs

I came in to pork ribs late in life.  I remember avoiding them growing up when my father would pull out the grill.  He always grilled chicken leg quarters and basted them with the hottest vinegar and pepper sauce I’ve ever tasted.  Mom and I would chow down on that while he savored an entire […]

BBQ Wars

No, it’s not a new show on the Food Network, but war…what is it good for? Absolutely…good eats..of course!  In America, there are several distinct styles of barbecue that you can sink your teeth into and get all over your pants.  I know what I’ve grown up eating, and through my tasty travels, I’ve had […]

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