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Whole30: Paleo Prep – Sliders

I recently became addicted to Melissa Joulwen’s Moroccan meatballs recipe from Eat Well. This book and her blog, The Clothes Make the Girl, got me through my first Whole3o challenge in March.  I identified with her story. We seem to come from similar places in our lives. Immigrant mediterranean families with a healthy love of […]

Paleo-Ish Stuffed Peppers and Polpette!

Life has a funny way of not turning out the way you planned.  I was cruising along, enjoying life, and then it changed, suddenly.  I now find myself in a new house, with new people in my life both close and at arm’s length, and on the eve of being thirty-one years old, I find […]

Pan-Asian Beef and Cabbage

When last we talked, I had embarked upon a Paleo-pursuit, attempting to slim down from a gusty 150lbs and 16% body fat.  I fell off the wagon a bit in September, having allowed wheat, potatoes, and rice back into my diet. Then I finally manned up and had my sinus surgery and during my recovery […]

Mexican Casserole and the Paleo Pursuit

So, lately, I’ve been traveling a lot and eating…and eating.  I’ve gained a lot of weight and in my attempt to detox, cleanse, and slim down, I’ve started a bit of a modified paleo diet.  True primals eschew grains of any kind, legumes, and dairy.  Oh no, not me – give up beans, and cheese? […]

Pistachio House Podcast – Episode 2.5 – Tow-Maters and The Big Scrape

After Jason spent the weekend with Big Boys and Francine with a large machine and 12 pounds of tri-tip, we got together to talk about tomatoes eating them fresh and home canning, thrift store shopping, vacuum packing, the Big Scrape 2011 (landscaping), the BEST gloves for everything ever, bar-b-que, salt, and Jason’s cats. There’s an […]

Cabbage Rolls

A recent Facebook conversation with a cousin who lives in the midwest brought some memories of my paternal grandmother back to the forefront of my mind, and this dish emerged. She was 100% pure countrywoman and would have fit in well on The Waltons, complete with the “night Jon Boy” at the end. She was […]

Bolognese Sauce for Beginners

The first time my friend Sarah, a New Zealander, told me she’d made “Spagbol” for dinner I had no clue. Then I asked her what was in it and when she went down the list of ingredients the light went on — Pasta Bolognese. I am not naturally adept at Bolognese sauce. Recipes that come […]

Pot Roast

There’s comfort food, and then there’s comfort food. Any type of roast is automatically a contender in my book.  I’ll make a roast at least twice a month.  I get groans from family and friends–“again?” they ask.  Chuck is usually a cheap cut of meat and I can stretch this meal for a week in […]

Beef and Barley Stew

  This was dinner tonight. Actually, it was leftover from last week and it reheated as if it was just cooked. The meat is velvety and falls apart in your mouth. To quote one of my favorite chefs, Anne Burrell, “Brown food tastes good!” Growing up, we had beef stew over white rice. Not that “pot […]

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