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Chocolate Cake with Brown Sugar Buttercream

There’s no story behind this one – I needed a dessert for a holiday get together and while tearing through the Cooking Light from November, I saw a Chocolate-Orange Layer Cake.  I’m not a fan of that combination, and having seen a dessert with brown sugar buttercream on a restaurant menu recently, I decided to […]

Cooking 101 – The Creaming Method (Italian Cream Cake)

The creaming method is the one we most often undertake when making baked goods. The other method brothers and sisters are biscuit and muffin. How much do we really understand what we’re doing and how to do it right so that our cakes and cookies turn out right? The typical recipe calls for creaming fat […]

German “Sweet” Chocolate Cake

Okay, it was Christmas, and my dad showed up at my door for our first big holiday without mom – what was the point in making the journey to his house where the trappings and decorations of the holidays aren’t?  I had the tree, the fireplace, the food, the gifts–he had nothing.  When he arrived, […]

Butter Cake Squares

It’s funny how culinary ideas inspire me.  I attended a baby shower last week and I noticed the hosts had used the local big box supermarket bakery for the cake–you know the kind, with pudding in the batter, dense, and with an oily frosting.  My mind wandered to my mom’s hobby.  Well, actually, first hobby. […]

Sour Cream Pound Cake

I’m going to get cut out of the will. I’m posting my grandmother’s claim-to-fame cake recipe. Not only am I posting it, I stole it. Yes–stole it from her while she wasn’t looking. See, the last time I went to visit, her recipe book was out on the counter and while she wasn’t looking, I […]

Chocolate Pound Cake

Yummy, warm and soft inside. I couldn’t wait on it to cool all the way before cutting. (Photo: Jason Osborne) This one comes from my mother’s recipe files – I vaguely remember it as a child.  I managed to steal the recipe while I was home for the holidays and decided to re-create it.  I […]

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