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Mexican Casserole and the Paleo Pursuit

So, lately, I’ve been traveling a lot and eating…and eating.  I’ve gained a lot of weight and in my attempt to detox, cleanse, and slim down, I’ve started a bit of a modified paleo diet.  True primals eschew grains of any kind, legumes, and dairy.  Oh no, not me – give up beans, and cheese? […]

Stuffed Zucchini

Zucchini’s not something I normally eat a lot of.  You see it piled high on plates with broccoli, squash, and carrots at restaurants under the name “seasonal vegetables.”  Why are those same vegetables always in season at restaurants?  Do they have some sort of time machine that lets them have these when it’s clearly not […]

Spring Chopped Salad

  I don’t really have a story behind this salad.  In a farm town, salads are iceberg lettuce and thousand island dressing and have croutons, shredded cheese and those mysterious and hard bacon bit things on them–definitely not healthy.  Sometimes they have hunks of leftover ham from Sunday dinner thrown in.  Unhealthy, but now palatable. […]

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