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Ham & Bits Quiche

  I don’t have much of a story behind quiche.  I never ate any growing up.  The closest we got to eggs and a pie crust was a custard-based pie.  It’s not really something redneck southern people eat.  My mom would often make the comment, “You eat some strange $@%# lately, you know that?”  I’m […]

Winter Warm-up: Smokey Split Pea Soup

It’s Winter. It’s cold. Heck, even Jason was snowed on in South Carolina. That means it’s time to roll out the soups. I’m often astounded at how little I know about soup making. I have, perhaps, four stand-by soups. Chicken (naturally), Lentil, Navy Bean, and Split Pea. For a person that cooks ALL the time […]

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