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Review: Nutritionists say to avoid…

This article was recently posted up on Facebook from It’s titled Foods Not to Eat: What Nutritionists Never Touch Almost everything but the bacon makes sense. Don’t mess with my bacon, people! What I find disturbing about these lists is that they do not take into account REAL food. Here’s the list and it’s mostly a […]

Whole30: Salmon Zucchini Sliders

Stand back. The compliments are gonna blow you away. My husband cannot stop raving about these. Put a dollop of homemade mayo on some fresh crisp butter lettuce and eat up!

Giambotta: Italian Stewed Vegetables

When I was growing up, summer meant vegetable hell. I mean I really hated my mother’s mushy squash. But my mother wasn’t the best cook, a rarity in Italians. So, it was my aunts and uncles who taught me to cook. One summer Aunty, my mom’s sister, taught me how to make the real giambotta, Italian […]

Whole30: We have beef!

Thanks to Stewart’s Meats and my fabulous neighbors Alma and Katrina, there’s now fifty pounds (ish) of healthy grass-fed beef in my freezer. What FUN! Katrina buzzed me when she got back from picking up the meat and this is what I saw when I walked across the street! Synchronicity! Alma arrived home in her […]

Whole30: Fifty Pounds of Grass Fed Beef

Oh my gosh! I’m so excited! If you could see me, you’d see a dancing maniac making room for fifty pounds of beef in her freezer. My amazing neighbors Katrina and Alma (you’ll meet them, I’m sure) and I sharing a half a cow. That’s what I said,  HALF  OF A COW. Let me back up, this is […]

Whole30: Paleo Prep – Sliders

I recently became addicted to Melissa Joulwen’s Moroccan meatballs recipe from Eat Well. This book and her blog, The Clothes Make the Girl, got me through my first Whole3o challenge in March.  I identified with her story. We seem to come from similar places in our lives. Immigrant mediterranean families with a healthy love of […]

Whole30: Paleo Porridge, Take 2

One morning, after fun and games with porridge, I decided to try another approach. This time, after some feedback from my a friend and fellow knitter, Marti I thought I’d have another go at the recipe. This time I wanted to give some clearer idea of the how-to. The Basic Paleo Porridge uses two tablespoons […]

Paleo Porridge

I decided, on Ash Wednesday, that it was a perfect time for me to do a Whole30 challenge. It’s been a week and time for me to report that I’ve had a success so far. Not until this morning, when I accidentally licked the yogurt spoon for Thom’s yogurt, have I flubbed. Yes, Francine has […]

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