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Pasta with Sausage, Tomato, and Mushroom Sugo

I’m not the sugo maker, that’s Francine.  But sometimes I try.  The late fall and few days of winter we’ve had in the south have been warm.  A few days ago it was flip-flops and shorts as the high crested 75.  Then, we’re scheduled to have a few days of 50s with overnight lows in […]

Pasta Fazool (with apologies to my Napoletana family)

Pasta Fazool is a humble and modest one-dish dinner that with simple ingredients makes a complex deep flavor. It catches you unaware and suddenly you’re in love, signore….

Quick n Dirty Weeknight Marinara

From the time you walk in to sitting at table you’re ready in less than thirty minutes. Nothing fancy but who needs fancy? Beats the heck out of ordering a pizza.

Cooking 101: Bechamel (aka Mac ‘N Cheese)

Welcome to the first of a new series of posts relating to the basic techniques and basic recipes that will help you create more complex dishes. Francine has a wealth of experience with the techniques involved in bread baking, sauce making, and the intricacies of all things dough. My experiences are a bit more shallow, […]

Bolognese Sauce for Beginners

The first time my friend Sarah, a New Zealander, told me she’d made “Spagbol” for dinner I had no clue. Then I asked her what was in it and when she went down the list of ingredients the light went on — Pasta Bolognese. I am not naturally adept at Bolognese sauce. Recipes that come […]

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