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Fried Pies Part II (Apple!)

  We’ve been having a fall weekend here in the coastal south – it was very refreshing to wake up to temperatures in the 60s and only have a high of 70 or so.  What a great change from the sweltering heat we’ve had all summer.  To me, fall is about college football, apple cider, […]

Fried Cherry Pies

It’s like a scene from an old movie about the south – a grandfather and a little boy walking out of a gas station with an RC Cola and a MoonPie, getting into a 57 Chevy and taking to the road.  It happened like that for me, but with different vittles.  Yes, I said vittles, […]

Tomato Pie

The dog days of summer continue to bake broil us to death here in the south.  In addition to corn, strawberries, boiled peanuts and colorful squash and zucchini, the staple of the summer here in the south is the almighty tomato.  We grow plump, juicy ones that have a sweet acidity–unlike those round red things […]

Strawberry Pie

After corn, the next sign of summer’s bountiful harvest is when the U-Pick strawberry fields open for business.  These acres of low bushes are spotted in rural communities across the south and you can get ripe berries for not much more than $5 for a 3-4 pints.  Try finding that in the grocery store.  Plus, […]

Ham & Bits Quiche

  I don’t have much of a story behind quiche.  I never ate any growing up.  The closest we got to eggs and a pie crust was a custard-based pie.  It’s not really something redneck southern people eat.  My mom would often make the comment, “You eat some strange $@%# lately, you know that?”  I’m […]

Chocolate Pie and Remembrance

The purpose of my writing this blog is to share with you all how we do food in the south, using my experiences growing up as a contrast to Francine’s urban homesteading take on things. We’ve taken a bit of a break as Francine has a new consultant position where she is able to put […]

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