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Pistachio House Podcast – Episode 1 – Dueling Rice Bowls

Our first podcast! This one’s called Dueling Rice Bowls where we talk about Lowcountry Red Rice and Spanish Rice and share our recipes. We, that is, Francine (the sniffly one) and Jason (with the charming drawl) also talk a little about the origins of the Lowcountry recipe and the indigenous people, the Gullah, of the […]

Cooking 101: How to Chop Vegetables (Lowcountry Red Rice)

I like knives. Some people collect shoes–I have friends with more than 300 pairs of shoes. I have 20. I have at least 10 knives–chef, santoku, boning, etc. A good knife is useless if you don’t know how to use it correctly. When I visit other folks who are doing cooking, especially ones who have […]

Butter Beans and Rice

Ah, the butter bean.  Strange blue creature from my neck of the woods.  Wait, blue?  Yes.  What we in the south call “butter beans” (phaseolus lunatus) are actually a variant of the lima bean (phaseolus limensis).  Francine did a lovely cassoulet with lima beans last winter and it reminded me of the chest freezer full […]

Easy Gumbo

Easy Gumbo with White Rice I know this isn’t a summer dish.  It’s hot outside.  Who in their right mind would want this on a hot summer night?  Well, I did.  See, I’m very ADHD and sometimes when I’m watching one of the talking heads on TV cooking something, I have the urge to immediately […]

Southern Style “Brown” Rice

Ham. Oh, ham.  I knew I’d have a love affair with the pig when growing up we had it at all major holidays. I’ve eaten more than my fair share of half-hog barbecue (vinegar-based) at Thanksgiving and Christmas while a bone-in shank portion of ham was reserved for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, etc. Just […]

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