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BBQ Wars

No, it’s not a new show on the Food Network, but war…what is it good for? Absolutely…good eats..of course!  In America, there are several distinct styles of barbecue that you can sink your teeth into and get all over your pants.  I know what I’ve grown up eating, and through my tasty travels, I’ve had […]

Cabbage Rolls

A recent Facebook conversation with a cousin who lives in the midwest brought some memories of my paternal grandmother back to the forefront of my mind, and this dish emerged. She was 100% pure countrywoman and would have fit in well on The Waltons, complete with the “night Jon Boy” at the end. She was […]

Bolognese Sauce for Beginners

The first time my friend Sarah, a New Zealander, told me she’d made “Spagbol” for dinner I had no clue. Then I asked her what was in it and when she went down the list of ingredients the light went on — Pasta Bolognese. I am not naturally adept at Bolognese sauce. Recipes that come […]

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