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There and back again

Humble reader, I am so very grateful to Jason for continuing to keep the pistons of Pistachio House pumping along over the past several months. Where have I been? Hooboy! Working. Feisty Gals Coffee is now in the trusted hands of my dear friend Mel who has a powerful get-things-done attitude and has found a […]

February in a flurry

I had all kinds of hopes for February. It was supposed to be my month of writing, exercise and a trip to San Francisco. But then.

My Grandmother taught me

My grandmother taught me to knit, crochet, tie my shoelaces, and hang my laundry in the sun. She said that that walking keeps you healthy and a meal has a beginning, a middle and an end. ¬†At her house, a meal was antipasto, soup, pasta, meat, a salad, and dessert with coffee and aperitif for […]

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