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Paleo-Ish Stuffed Peppers and Polpette!

Life has a funny way of not turning out the way you planned.  I was cruising along, enjoying life, and then it changed, suddenly.  I now find myself in a new house, with new people in my life both close and at arm’s length, and on the eve of being thirty-one years old, I find […]

Mexican Casserole and the Paleo Pursuit

So, lately, I’ve been traveling a lot and eating…and eating.  I’ve gained a lot of weight and in my attempt to detox, cleanse, and slim down, I’ve started a bit of a modified paleo diet.  True primals eschew grains of any kind, legumes, and dairy.  Oh no, not me – give up beans, and cheese? […]

Pasta with Sausage, Tomato, and Mushroom Sugo

I’m not the sugo maker, that’s Francine.  But sometimes I try.  The late fall and few days of winter we’ve had in the south have been warm.  A few days ago it was flip-flops and shorts as the high crested 75.  Then, we’re scheduled to have a few days of 50s with overnight lows in […]

Lowfat Lasagna in the Slow Cooker

Photo by James Yu Shopping season is upon us! On a day when i have spent at least six hours on my feet trying to decide which Chinese yo-yo is going in whose stocking the last thing I want to do is cook. Using my thinkin brain…On days like this I throw a slow cooker […]

Stuffed Zucchini

Zucchini’s not something I normally eat a lot of.  You see it piled high on plates with broccoli, squash, and carrots at restaurants under the name “seasonal vegetables.”  Why are those same vegetables always in season at restaurants?  Do they have some sort of time machine that lets them have these when it’s clearly not […]

Fried Green ‘Maters

When I hear “Fried Green Tomatoes” I immediately think of the eponymous book by Fannie Flagg and the movie it was made into.  It wasn’t something we had growing up, because we raised our tomato flock (yes, flock) to be eaten red or canned.  It wasn’t until I branched away from home that I actually […]

Cooking 101 – Home Canning using a Water Bath (Tomatoes)

✩ Here’s the third installment of the Cooking 101 series – Water Bath Canning.  This method is the traditional way of preserving high-acid foods such as fruits, jams, jellies, pickles, butters and acidified tomatoes, which is what we’re doing today.  I won’t go near pressure canners, because I enjoy how pretty my face is and […]

Pistachio House Podcast – Episode 2.5 – Tow-Maters and The Big Scrape

After Jason spent the weekend with Big Boys and Francine with a large machine and 12 pounds of tri-tip, we got together to talk about tomatoes eating them fresh and home canning, thrift store shopping, vacuum packing, the Big Scrape 2011 (landscaping), the BEST gloves for everything ever, bar-b-que, salt, and Jason’s cats. There’s an […]

Pistachio House Podcast – Episode 2 – Pickin’ Tow-Maters!

On my trip home this weekend to take my dad for his doctor visits, we chose a visit to the local farm – Sheep Island Farms, run by the McKenzie family for some tomato picking in preparation for our annual canning tradition.  Here’s a quick peek at next week’s audio podcast which will be Episode […]

Pasta Fazool (with apologies to my Napoletana family)

Pasta Fazool is a humble and modest one-dish dinner that with simple ingredients makes a complex deep flavor. It catches you unaware and suddenly you’re in love, signore….

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