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Camino De Santiago – Bread and Wine for the Soul

The Camino is not a vacation. It is a pilgrimage and akin to a walkabout. It isn’t the physical journey. The Way is long and it breaks your body and mind and then builds you back up again. The Camino is a reset button.

Pot Roast

There’s comfort food, and then there’s comfort food. Any type of roast is automatically a contender in my book.  I’ll make a roast at least twice a month.  I get groans from family and friends–“again?” they ask.  Chuck is usually a cheap cut of meat and I can stretch this meal for a week in […]

Beef and Barley Stew

  This was dinner tonight. Actually, it was leftover from last week and it reheated as if it was just cooked. The meat is velvety and falls apart in your mouth. To quote one of my favorite chefs, Anne Burrell, “Brown food tastes good!” Growing up, we had beef stew over white rice. Not that “pot […]

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